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So things have been absolutely hectic here at "Camp Veilside" - our summer show schedule is in full swing, and we've made great progress on our upcoming CD "Intermission"  (seriously, can NOT wait til you hear this!) and in the middle of all of this, drummer Ron Thomas and his wife Jean, along with Dan Engel, lead vocalist Tony Engel's brother stopped at New Horizon Center to make the first donation from our Breaking the Silence event from April.  We are so honored that we were able to make a large donation to the school (really - we were jacked that BTS 1 brought in $1,000!!) and it's extremely humbling to see how this event has grown.  Over 100 bands submitted to share the stage with us and this has become one of the biggest local band shows of the year.  

We hope that BTS 8 can be even bigger (although we keep saying "how the heck do we top THAT?"  we keep doing it!).  Hope everyone has an awesome summer and make sure you make it out to catch a Veilside show or three!!  - The guys.

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