Five years? Already?

So on this date five years ago, we released our second CD "This Time..."   Engineered by our very own Jon Badalamenti, mixed by Chuck Alkazian of Pearl Sound Studios (Pop Evil, Trixter), this CD really took off for us as 2011 turned out to be a banner year for the band.  Sold out 3 printings thanks to our fantastic fans and friends, we can't help but marvel at the results!  Here's the concept art from our "6th member" Mike Greninger that went on to become the cover......

So now we'll have to pop this in the CD players in our cars and say "Happy Birthday, old friend....."

While we do this......want to let everyone know we're hitting the recording studio on Sunday April 10th to begin work on a new single that will be released soon!!
More info after we work through our EIGHTH annual Breaking the Silence Autism Awareness fundraiser!!

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