It's been a FANTASTIC ride.......

It's been awhile since we updated!!   It's been a wonderful 2018 - we've seen and played many places this year.  The feedback has always been incredible!!  So it's with a bit of sadness to announce that we're going on a hiatus.  As we've done this for over a decade, and seen some amazing places and met many wonderful people along the way, we're taking some down time for a bit.  What that means at present, is unclear.  A few of us will undoubtedly want to soldier on, and a few of us might want to retire and kick back for the first time in years.   Tony and Ron have signed with BLAST!  Media and will be doing some songs for film and television, the first to be released later in November under the name "Honor Amongst Theives"  (No, this is NOT a new band - just a studio project but since the music differs so much from Veilside, we felt we couldn't release it under the VS name).   Sharon helped out on this first tune as well, and wrote one of the sweetest riffs for it.  Russ and Bob are looking forward to some serious R&R.  So at some point, the band may reconstitute, pick up and take another go at it, or reform in some fashion, or we may decide the peace and quiet is just too much to pass up!   Either way, our fans have been nothing short of amazing.   You guys supported us over a decade through 5 commercial releases, a few lineup changes, etc.  And we are truly humbled for it.   Thanks to everyone who has worked to make this band something - from the shirt printer to the flyer maker, to the fill-ins while we scrambled for a replacement (John Craig and David Shankle were both amazing professionals!).   We are so grateful for everyone's help.   Our last show of the year is November 17th at Q Bar in Glendale Heights.   No opening act.   Veilside for 3 hours straight, so we can thank you for everything ourselves.   We'll leave everything we have on the stage one more time.  Hope to see you there, and THANK YOU so much!!


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