It's been an AMAZING run......

After a VERY rough week, we were happy to see all of the folks that made it to Bob’s service this past weekend.  Saying goodbye to our brother was absolutely soul crushing, and it was clear to us that an era of our lives had ended with Bob’s passing.   Last year we took a “hiatus” that we thought would be final because of Bob’s health, and then we got offered our dream gig – on stage at the Whisky A Go Go in Hollywood that MANY of history’s biggest acts have graced. A club so legendary that it was enough to bring Bob back out and into the “Hiatus Tour”, since he wanted to play there more than anything. He got so excited he tried to book some thirty shows and we had to constantly remind him that we were going LIGHT!! With that in mind, we’re convinced we HAVE to play that show or he’d be awfully pissed at us. But we also know that Bob was a serious driving force behind this band, so with heavy hearts we are announcing that our “Hiatus Tour” is coming to an end, and with that, our run as VEILSIDE has as well.  It has been an absolute honor for us to entertain so many people around the country for many years, and we’ve been given opportunities that we hadn’t even dreamed about. Thanks to everyone who has made this band of nobodies into something we’ve been extremely proud to be a part of. And while Veilside is saying goodbye, I’m sure at some point you’ll see a few of us pop up in new projects, We also understand the finality of this particular one, and while we ARE sad about that, we go out knowing we were at one point among the biggest original bands in Chicagoland (such as the scene is). Some quick answers – YES, there WILL be a Breaking the Silence 12 in April 2020. We will continue to host the event. NO, we don’t want a new bass player to continue on with Veilside. It would be so foreign to us that it wouldn’t be worth doing. NO we will not be playing Sugar Skull this weekend on Sept 23rd, but a few of us will be there in support of LYNCH and BONESHAKER since they’ve been gracious enough to keep the show, and YES, we are doing a farewell show - three of them, in fact, as listed below: 

Dec 14th – MT Barrells, Schuamburg, IL (Our final “home” show and tribute to Bob “Cabo” Hilton) 

Jan 17th – Whisky A Go Go, Hollywood, CA 

Feb 15th – The Music Factory, Battle Creek, MI 

Please come out and let us thank you in person for all of the support you’ve given us – Tony, Ron, Russ, & Sharon


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