Still chuggin' along......

So this summer has been GREAT to us so far!!  From kicking it off in Arizona with QUEENSRYCHE and WARRANT to the McHenry Fireworks, to the BreastFest fundraiser, to this past weekend's show with Mancow and ENUFF Z'NUFF - we've been living a dream!!  The comments have been great, and it words like that, that seem to motivate us to greater heights.  So with the announcement that the Panacea Fest in Michigan City, IN has been cancelled, the band finds itself with almost 4 weeks off!!  No worries, we've got stuff to catch up on!  First, we're going to get started on putting together our 4th quarter bookings, and then we're going to get some writing and recording in on projects we want to catch up on.  Then, we have a full slate of shows for August and September, with the "big dog" being FARMROCK 2014 - Veilside alongside Queensryche, Sebastian Bach, Warrant, LA Guns, Great White, and more!!  Don't miss this one!!

VEILSIDE in Arizona getting ready to open for Warrant and Queensryche Memorial Day Weekend

and a couple of shots from BreastFest 2014 courtesy of CiJay Pikula, one of the BEST in the biz!!

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